nitten r. trondheim.
foto, skriblerier.


And there was the sun, rising up behind those mountains. Finally, she thought. Now my hands will be warm again. But no. As soon as her fingertips left the inside of her jacket, she started shaking. She just stood there watching her fingers move uncontrollably. It felt like her heart and brain were fighting against each other, tearing apart what was left of her hope and believe. This feeling frighted her. Slowly she hid her hands, from the cold. What was she supposed to do if not even the sun could warm her?

In the grass there were small crystals of frost, and the sun made them sparkle. It was like a meadow of diamonds, so simply made and beautiful. But she didn't see it. She ambled down the road, only focusing on the grey, hard asphalt. If only the people who passed had said something. Asked her for directions or help or whatever. Just so she could lift her head and catch a glimpse of those diamonds. Maybe it would give her hope again. But she will never know. Maybe it was supposed to be this way, like fate or something, or it could just have been a simple coincidence.

She admitted to herself that se was tired ofthis. Tired of hoping and waiting for better things to come. These endless days, watching the sun rise and disappear. She saw everyone facing the sun and smile because they could feel it on their skin. But she was unable to embrace it without even knowing why. No matter how far she stretched her arms towards the sun, she felt no heat. But one thing she knew for sure - she would never give up. She refused to let the darkness and cold win.

so now she had to wait for the stars.

du er utrolig flink til skrive. og for noen fine bilder!
Vakkert skrevet <3
s fint skrevet, og s nyyydelige bilder <3 loveyou
dette var nydelig! :O


Supervakkert <'3
herregud du er s utrolig! Om jeg kunne skrive snn
superfint skrevet. superfint fotografert.
jeg.elsker.dette. Du skriver s utrolig bra og tar nydelige bilder! Hele bloggen din er s inspirerende!

Super fint skrevet!!
utrolig vakkert innlegg!

-Lina & Elise
Det frste ♥ Elsker lys og skygge!
Nydeleg tekst, verkeleg!
, du er nydelig!
wow. dette var bare s utrolig vakkert p alle mulige slags mter. iih, jeg blir s glad av bloggen din, martine! du er bare s utrolig flink og fin. ville bare si det



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